Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Follow simple steps :

  1. Submit. To get started, you need to send your portfolio/samples.
  2. Approval. If your work/submission gets approved as per our acceptance criteria then you will be eligible to be our contributor.
  3.  Explore number of buyers
  4. Get  Royalty upto 80%
  5. Grow with us.

Only certain formats, color profiles and dimensions are accepted

File Format

We accept images in JPEG and TIFF formats, but we recommend submitting your images as JPEGs.

We accept EPS files, but require that they be saved in a format that is compatible with Adobe Illustrator 8 or 10. 

Color profile

images are offered in sRGB since most images on the Internet are displayed in that profile. If you submit images in a different color profile, the colors will likely be altered during conversion to sRGB, so we recommend converting your images to sRGB before uploading them.

File Size and Dimensions

All images must be at least 4 MP (megapixels) or larger and set at highest quality settings to produce an acceptable file dimension for submission.

The maximum file size you can upload using your web browser is: 50 MB for photos, 100 MB for EPS. If you upload via FTPS, you can upload JPEGs up to 50 MB, EPS files up to 100 MB, and TIFFs up to 4 GB in size.

Megapixels (MP) are different from megabytes (MB), as they refer to the dimensions and not the file size. To calculate your megapixels, multiply the X (width) by the Y (height) of your image or artwork.

For example:
2000 x 2400 pixels = 4.8 Megapixels. A file of this size is acceptable.
1200 x 3000 pixels = 3.6 Megapixels. This is smaller than our minimum size requirement, and this file will not be accepted by our system.

Regarding Pixels/Points/Picas/Inches:
Below is a translation of what 4 MP means in each measurement. Keep in mind, these values differ based on your computer's DPI/PPI settings, but at 72 DPI/PPI (which is the current standard), those values would be:

4 million pixels = 4 million points = 27,562 picas = 771.62 square