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Fotographia is a multilevel platform for Photographers and artists ( Contributers ) and for professionals ( Users ). It provides an community for photographers to showcase their work and monetize it in really smooth way.

Fotographia allows photographers to post unlimited pictures and monetize them. The photographer has to post 5 free pictures on signup and after that photographer can monetize their unlimited uploads for professional use. Users will download pictures and money will be transferred into Contributors account.

Fotographia provides smooth and flexible packages for users on monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Plans and pricing can be checked out in other section.

Fotographia pays you royalty upto 80% on each download of your priced photo.

There is no subscription required to become contributor.

The contributor has to upload minimum 5 free photos after that any number of photos can be monetized

1. Become contributor on 2. upload image of high quality(minimum 4MB/ 1080p) 3. set price according to you 4. approved 5. user buy 6. earn upto 80% royalty of your work

1. login as user on 2. Download/buy photo 3. use freely anywhere

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yes you can sell photographs on

depends on your skill level. You can charge right from 10rs to 1lakh also but the photo should be of that value

1 – Business Meeting in Open Plan Office 2 – Office Table with Four People Hands Working 3 – Happy Mother and Baby Laying on a Meadow 4 – Businesswoman Holding a Plant Crop 5 – Wood Board Texture 6 – Businesspeople Smiling in Open Plan Office 7 – Business Meeting 8 – Faith and Spirituality Concept with Architecture, Sky, and Birds 9 – Minimalist Illustration with Thinking, Growth and Success Concept 10- sunrise and sunsets 11--landscapes

Fotographia Image Payment Information You can only purchase one fotographia image at a time. Each time you purchase, you have to enter your payment details.You can choose the subscription option which will be recurring(you can cancel anytime) to download more images.

With the fotographia Image licenses, there is no set time frame for using the images after a download. With a Standard Image License, you can store those images for your own use. The Enhanced Image License is necessary if you want to use them as elements of digital templates for sale/distribution.

if you contribute 1200 photos (see t&c of fotographia regarding uploads). You can earn upto 1000rs/15$ per month.

your personal information is kept safely by using latest encryption technology

1. choose image of your requirement. 2. click on the image 3. you will see a DOWNLOAD button 4. click and download