Date: 22-05-2021


The best way to relive the moments are by capturing those moments. The invention of camera was a remarkable achievement in human history. With the time it kept on upgrading and today what you are holding may upgrade tomorrow. There has been numerous changes right from its body, size portability...

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Date: 29-05-2021

Photography For Beginners#2

Once The Basic Principle Of Photography Is Learned And Understood, It Is Required For Us To Get Accustomed With The Dial That We Have In The Camera.  

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Date: 04-06-2021


What Is Metering? Metering Is How Your Camera Determines What The Correct shutter Speed And aperture Should Be, Depending On The Amount Of Light That Goes Into The Camera And The ISO. Back In The Old Days Of Photography, Cameras Were Not Equipped With A Light “meter”, Which Is A Sensor...

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